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  • How do I know which plan is right for me?
    We can help guide you! That’s what we’re here for. Just book a call with us and we'll figure it out based on where your bottlenecks are, your team size and organizational set-up, as well as expected design volume. We’ll find the best option, together.
  • How do I know Adwrld is the better option?
    Well, we must way this is a smart query! Adwrld is all about its ROI principles, for that is all we do. Honesty, dedication, transparency, and excellence are what we are known for. These are not our words; our beloved clients have bestowed these adjectives upon us. We believe in delivering the best and we succeed most of the time. Many agencies have the habit of selling poor services at cheap costs and obviously, many of you can get into the trap attracted by the low costs. But our aim is not in pricing, we focus on exceeding your expected results with first-class deliverables of our services, with the best in the outcomes thus giving you solid returns with a noticeable ROI from your spending.
  • How long do I have to wait for the results?
    If you expect us to be honest, then the answer is it depends on the kind of business and competitions. Sometimes, you can get instant results while, in other cases, you may have to wait a bit longer. Our aim is to bring you the best quality results as soon as possible. Again, results depend on some factors: Your existing website (if any) Quality of your existing campaigns (if any) Competition in your niche Seasonality Others We strive to provide you an accurate period for when you will begin to see results as we take time to understand your business first and make an evaluation of your brand. Our extensive research plan and a profound understanding of your brand help us to set expectations for you and make your business unique.
  • Can I try Adwrld for a few months before committing to the annual subscription?
    The minimum subscription commitment is one year. We believe that a year-long commitment allows us to staff your dedicated team correctly with all the right skills and capabilities and get them familiar with your goals and preferences. An annual contract also passes on to you the cost-savings that come with efficient delivery of creative projects after a level of familiarity has been established.
  • Are your results guaranteed?
    We’re not the type to make promises we can’t keep. We believe in setting realistic expectations based on your past data. It maintains our credibility and builds trust. That being said, we recognize that despite best efforts, sometimes things just don’t work out. As such we have a 90 day opt-out clause in all our contracts. If you don’t like ADWRLD after 3 months of working together, you can leave with a money-back guarantee on all your unused hours.
  • How does the dedicated team get assembled? Do I choose the members of my dedicated design team?
    Our process is designed to eliminate all waste and keep this hassle-free for you, our customer. You will work exclusively with your dedicated Project Manager(s) and will not need to have any face time with the designers and creatives on your dedicated team. The team is assembled for you based on your needs and the team will be optimized over the course of the first 90 days of our engagement. For some subscription plans you will have a monthly or quarterly meetings with your dedicated art director or creative director.
  • How does project management work? And how do I work with the dedicated design team?
    We help you with all project management. With help of your dedicated Project Manager (your main point of contact), all the ownership and accountability for getting the design/creative work done, on time and on-budget and at a consistent quality bar is our responsibility. Kanban boards, live chat, file sharing etc allow you to do medium-term planning, keep tabs on everything and invite the right stakeholders to the right tasks. All of this will be covered in great detail in your onboarding session. Let us worry, so you don’t have to.
  • What billing options do you offer?
    We offer Credit card billing, ACH, Wire transfers and invoicing depending on the plan you choose.
  • Can anyone in my org use Adwrld Dashboard?
    Yes! Adwrld is designed to be used by multiple teams inside an organization. It’s precisely set up so as to remove the middlemen in getting design done, and to help you move fast (without breaking things). So as long as they are invited by the admin on the account, employees will be authorized to request design and creative for their projects and campaigns.
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